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Worthing has had a Mens and Ladies Open competition at Beach House for many years.

The Men's Competition ran continuously from 1933 - 2008, a total of 75 Years.

The Ladies Competition ran continuously from 1944 - 2008 a total of 64 years.

In 2008 due to falling numbers for the Ladies Competition it became clear that this event was unsustainable in its present format.

Worthing Open Bowls Tournament A meeting was held at the Town Hall with the organisers of the two tournaments and Worthing Borough Council to discuss a way forward. It was at this meeting that the decision was made to unite the two tournaments under a "unified" banner. It was thought that Bowls in general was likely to go down the road of unification in the future and therefore Worthing had the opportunity of being the first to take the initiative and instigate the first wholly unified tournament which could be a model for other tournaments around the country.

When Tony and Tina Phillips resigned in 2009 a new committee was formed of Chris Young(Chairman and Secretary), Rod Jamieson (Tournament Organiser), Brian Dunne (Fundraiser) and Peggy Hayward (Treasurer).

Worthing Open Bowls TournamentThe new tournament committee decided from the outset that they would try to make sure the tournament was not only an organisational success but also a financial success which would safeguard the future of the tournament for many years to come. To achieve this end they decided not to take any remuneration for their work. They also looked at the high cost of personal expenses, advertising, printing and postage, which was incurred previously to see what savings could be made.

Rod Jamieson liaised with David Jackson (david.jackson.000@gmail.com) to create this website for us which has been a great success. Rod produced the entry forms and programmes on his computer and arranged for their printing and distribution. This saved a significant amount of money. Brian Dunne did a fantastic job raising the necessary sponsorship and other donations which enabled the committee to raise the prize money to £7000 for the tournament which is now one of the highest in the country. Our thanks go to ALL our sponsors for their support for this highly regarded and well supported tournament.

The 2018 Committee consists of Chris Young (Chair/Secretary), David Crockett (Treasurer), Brian Dunne (Fundraiser) and Alan Messer (Technical Support).

Sadly the 10th Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament will not run in August and September 2018.

To all those who have supported the event in the past 'A Very Big Thank You' and we hope that we maybe meet up on the bowls circuit sometime hence, but sadly not at Worthing Beach House Park.



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