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The primary purpose of the former Tournament was to offer a competitive Lawn bowls event open to any player irrespective of their gender or individual ability so long as they conformed to the rules of the sport and rules and regulations as may be in force temporarily for the Tournament. The Tournament encouraged the ideals of the sport of lawn bowls and afforded the opportunity for entrants to succeed largely on their own playing skill.

beachhousepark2016 The Tournament was a recognised licensed event as described by the Sports National Governing Body, Bowls England. The Tournament was played in accordance with the Rules of the sport as laid down World Bowls except local lawn bowls bye-laws over ride any such rule for the purpose of the Tournament. The Tournament consisted of competition events as previously decided by the Tournament organising committee. The competitions attracted a prize fund the total of which was decided at the discretion of the organising committee and was based on a combination of entry fees and sponsorship funding from external sources.

Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament The purpose of the Tournament was to further the competitive play in the sport of lawn bowls between men and women and encourage new players to take part in the sport, sustain lawn bowls, improve the standard of the game and enhance community social interaction.

Competitors in the Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament must be members of an officially recognised and Affiliated lawn bowls club. There shall be no age limit although entrants under the age of 18 at the commencement of the Tournament must have the signed consent of a parent or guardian to allow them to play in the Tournament. The consent will be returned with the competitors official entry form

The organising Committee maintain the right to refuse entry to the Tournament to any person without giving a reason. A simple majority of the organising committee will be sufficient to enforce this right.

The Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament shall not discriminate or prejudice any prospective entrant for the purpose of competing in the Tournament. Competitors in the Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament are free to withdraw or dissociate themselves from the Tournament without fear of retribution or harassment. The Worthing Unified Open Bowls Tournament will not discriminate based on race, creed, colour, sex, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.


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